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When The Going Gets Tough …
By Debra Braden

First of all, what does a tough situation or problem look like to you?  Does it mean that you’re business isn’t making the money you thought it would?  Does it mean that you’re behind in your bills and your rent?  Does it mean that your marriage isn’t going the way you’d planned?  Does it mean that you can’t quit smoking or stay on a diet?

What’s interesting is that other people may experience the same situations that you consider “tough” or problems, but they look at these situations as “challenges” or “opportunities.”  Just the simple method of using a different word gives things a different slant.  For example, using the phrase “set aside” has a different connotation than “give up.”  Setting something aside gives the impression that this was a conscious choice.  Giving something up gives the impression that this was a decision based upon some type of pressure and not a choice at all.  “Give up” implies some type of loss, whereas “setting aside” implies positive choice.  

Do you see how changing your wording seems to change the situation?  Thinking of things as "tough" or "problems" can bring on a feeling of helplessness.  You tend to think in negative terms of “Why Me”, you have a victim mindset.  Thinking of things as challenges or opportunities causes your mind to start working on solutions instead of complaints.

Try it for yourself.  When something occurs that you normally consider “tough” or a “problem”, change your wording and notice how your mind begins to deal with the situation in a different manner.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going is a popular phrase, but it’s not complete.  You have to stop and think about what’s going on and how you’ve decided to view it (which will determine how you’re going to handle it) …. before you get going.




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