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No Man Is An Island
By Debra Braden

Do you feel many times that you are alone, that you are the only person experiencing something less than pleasant, having more than your share of bad luck?  If you were in a room of 100 people who were asked how many feel this way, more than half the room would raise their hands.

This example alone is proof that you are not alone.  Many, many people at some point in their lives feel these same things.

Have you noticed that one of the first things organizations that work with addictions or mental disorders do is try to get people into “group” situations?  There’s a reason behind that thought process.  People need to see for themselves that they are not alone.  This helps take the pressure off the individual that may think they’re unique in their feelings and situations.  Eliminating this feeling of aloneness allows the individual to begin to look at their true situation instead of the false impression they’ve been carrying around.  This also brings about  “connection with others”, socialization.

When we’re feeling alone we tend to withdraw from others.  Humans weren’t made to be alone.  We need each other.  Not just for work, but for our health and well-being.  We draw from each other, we are social animals.  Look at nature.  The animals that “travel alone” need no other of their kind.  They can truly exist “on their own.”  They can live, feed and reproduce all by themselves.  They don’t suffer from their aloneness.  People do.

Studies have been done on babies that show the mental and physical differences between those who have nurturing interaction and those that do not.  The results have been astounding.  The babies that received nurturing care developed much better than those that did not.  You can actually see visible differences.

This world is full of organizational separatism, which compounds the feeling of individual separatism.  You’ll find this separatism in religious organizations, social and economic situations, racial situations etc.  It can really get ridiculous.  Divisions are created due to people’s weight, mental capacity, geographical location, and smokers vs. non-smokers.  The truth is that we all are made up of the same things.  We all bleed the same type of blood.  We all have the same basic needs.  How then can we be separate and/or alone?

Each of us has something unique in us that needs to be shared with others.  Interaction with others feeds us, motivate us, and in healthy relationships can cause us to thrive.  Isolation creates and exacerbates illness, both mental and physical.  Some religions require isolation, but that’s not the ideal environment for the majority of us.

Think of the times when you notice something particularly beautiful in nature.  Are you always satisfied to just experience this moment alone, or do you sometimes wish you had someone to share it with?  Sharing is a natural inclination.

Never think that you are alone.  Never think that you’re “the only one.”  You are a part of a whole.  The whole of human kind.



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