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By Debra Braden

Here’s the scenario.  You get a great idea.  You tell friends or family about it.  You daydream about it.  You fantasize about it.  And then you add it to your list of unrealized dreams.  What happened?

Motivation.  Or better said, lack of motivation.  Bringing a dream or goal into reality takes 3 major steps.

* Formation of the Idea
* Planning
* Action

Many people are great at forming ideas.  Fewer are good at planning out the steps required to bring these ideas in reality.  Even fewer are good at, or even attempt the third step.  Action.

Action is great way to keep yourself motivated.  Each and every day do something, anything that will bring you closer to your goal.  Another great motivator is to list the reasons for wanting to see your dream realized.  List the reasons and post them where you can see them everyday.

You’ve probably heard the statement “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.”  In order to bring your dream into reality you must begin to do things differently than you have done in the past.  This is the only way you can expect new and different results.

Imagine yourself in the twilight years writing your memoirs.  Will they be full of regrets for things you never attempted or achieved, or will they be full of memories of the fulfilling things that have made up your life.  It would be a sad state of affairs to come to the end of your days and realize that you didn’t take advantage of the wonderful opportunities life afforded you.

You can start today.  Take advantage of what life is offering you.  Choose a dream and go after it.  You’d be amazed at the great things and people that will enter you life once you commit.  And remember, commitment means Formation, Planning and Action.




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