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The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.  - Author Unknown

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Life.... Such a small word.  Yet this tiny four letter word is supremely important and causes much discussion and garners much attention.  I'd like to use this very fact as an example.  An example of how even though you may feel small, insignificant and maybe even unnecessary, that you are truly important.  Just as life itself is. How could you be unimportant?  You have the most important treasure one could hold.  

You have Life!

Let me make it clear that I believe in a Supreme Being.  You may use the name God, Allah, Yahweh or you may simply call this infinite power your Source.  I do not believe that we ended up here by some accident or some freakish occurrence.  I do not condemn those who believe that way, but I simply do not agree.  

My belief leads me to ask this question; if we were "placed" here on this earth, equipped with the magnificent mechanisms called our bodies and our minds, should we not do all that is in our power to lovingly nurture this life we have been given?  Should we not treasure our uniqueness?

My dream for you is that you begin to clearly see how wonderful you are, and to see the many possibilities you hold within yourself.  You are not wonderful simply because of what you have or what you do.  You are wonderful just because you live!

This site is about discovery, acceptance and the care of YOU!  Take good care of yourself.  You are your greatest asset!  

Let's begin this journey together.  Let's begin to care for ourselves, Spirit, Soul and Body!




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